Finding a therapist is no easy task – having to go down a list of providers, call or email multiple providers, and repeat “your story” is exhausting. Thank you for being resilient and continuing your search. You are not alone.


Hi, I'm Teryn

My therapeutic style is rooted in the Buddhist teachings of impermanence and interdependence. As we know, life is constantly changing and although we may know this, we cannot always prepare ourselves for these changes. We all experience times in our life when we recognize we cannot do this all on our own. Sometimes we lack the skills needed to help us through these difficult times. Other times, we may not have support – someone to listen, validate, and encourage. Whatever challenging life transitions or changes you have experienced are all parts of life that you will heal and grow from, but it will take time and effort. My role is to assist you in discovering your strengths and work with you to learn or develop new skills to help you better deal with personal and relational challenges.

Teryn Hara Therapy

Teryn Hara, LCSW
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